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Everyone Has to Start Somewhere

For the dreamers out there, the start of a new year brings a lot of whimsy and hope. You have the chance to leave a whole year full of ups and downs behind, and start fresh. Is it possible to be a realist and a dreamer at the same time? I can tell you that the answer is yes, and I am that person. I am as hopeful as they come, but I am also pretty realistic when boots hit the ground on a new adventure.

Year after year, I have seen a lot of successes, and a whole lot of failures. And every time I reflect on the stories and the lessons learned, I have a secret yearning to share them with others. My friends constantly have a phrase for my life, “Not even if you wrote a book!”. This means, the stuff that happens to me couldn’t even be dreamed up if I tried.

So what is the plan exactly? I have no idea. But, I will document and write, in the hopes that this might help someone out there. We might even start a small community that can help and support each other. I am looking forward to the ride, even if its a bumpy one, because its all mine.

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